About Us

Lasers are everywhere. It is difficult to go your day without the wonderful technology that has lasted almost a century. Your phone, your car, and perhaps your internet service. Laser technology has established its foothold in humanity, and we continually improve our lives, as well as the lives of others with it.

LaserArx is a group founded by individuals passionate about laser and laser technologies. We were founded in 2021, setting out to deliver the highest quality of laser while offering solutions to your laser needs. In partners with our trusted suppliers, we are able to meet your laser needs, whether that might be for research, integration, or engineering. Although our catalogue is vast, our services and products are not only limited to what you see. You are more than welcome to enquire about new technology, or any kind of customization that would fit your purpose. We are here to serve you!

Our specialties include optogenetic and LIDAR technology, contact us today for consultation today!